‘No way’ insurers will cover ‘disaster’ claim for insurance coverage

Insurers may not cover claim for ‘disasters’ and ‘accidents’ covered by insurance policy after insurer denies coverage article Geico, one of the largest insurers in India, has denied coverage for claims made for insurance policy claims relating to earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis.

Geico said in a statement on Thursday that it was aware of an insurance claim made by a Geico employee against a policy holder in March, and that it would not cover the claim.

“Geico Insurance has a policy for claims arising from natural disasters and the liability of policyholders.

The policy holder has been the victim of a natural disaster,” the statement said.

“However, Geico Insurance does not cover claims arising under claims relating, for example, to earthquakes and tsunamsis.

This is because Geico has a liability policy and Geico does not have an insurance policy for earthquakes.”

Geico, the country’s largest insurer, has over 70 insurance policy holders across the country.

“As the policy holder of the policy, Geicos liability policy holder would be entitled to receive coverage under the policy.

The claim will not be covered by Geico insurance and we will not cover it,” the Geico statement said, adding that it has not yet received any of the claims.

A senior Geico official told ET on Thursday, however, that it had not received any claim from a policyholder who had been injured by an earthquake or tsunami.

The official also denied that Geico had denied coverage.

Geico said that the policyholder in question was a Geico employee, not a Geoco employee, and the employee was not the policyholders sole insured.

The insurance policy holder was told in March that Geicom insurance would not be covering any claims made against Geico’s liability policy, according to a company official.

Geicocs policy holders were told in September that the company would not insure the claim, the official said.

The Geico company has been struggling in recent years, as it struggles to recover from the effects of the global financial crisis, a financial crisis that resulted in the collapse of its insurance business.

In September, Geocom had said it would reduce its insurance coverage by 20% to 35% of the insured amount.


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