‘I have never been in this situation’: Australian man says he has never been involved in an accident

AUSTRALIA’S first car accident record insurance company says it has not paid out more than $20,000 in the last three years due to a lack of accident record.

AUSTRALIAN car insurance company AIS has revealed it has never paid out any money to a driver who was injured or killed in an auto accident, despite having been involved.

An incident in October last year left 19-year-old James Aitken injured and killed after a car crashed into him in the city of Adelaide.

The car, a Holden Commodore, was heading south on a stretch of Highway 1 near Port Adelaide when it struck Aitkens car.

After the accident, the driver was charged with careless driving causing death and negligent driving causing serious injury, which carries a fine of $300,000.

In the two years since, Aitkerns car has been assessed as fully insured by AIS, and he has not had any issues.

“I have no recollection of having been in an automobile accident,” Mr Aitkin said.

But he said that was “a common experience” and that it was common for drivers to have an accident record, especially if they were driving drunk.

Mr Aitkens insurance company said it had a history of not paying out drivers who had been injured or died in accidents.

It said it “had no record of any such payment being made” to James Aits car in the three years since the accident.

‘I don’t think it should happen again’In November last year, James Aifin was in his father’s Volkswagen Golf when it collided with a bus.

He was thrown from the vehicle and suffered severe injuries.

James was treated at the scene by paramedics, who were unable to resuscitate him due to his injuries.AITKINS INSURANCE: James Aiteran (centre) in his dad’s Volkswagen Volkswagen Golf (left) and his father, John Aitkins, in a car crash in October this year.

John Aitkowski’s Volkswagen has not been insured by his dad, nor has it been repaired.

(Supplied: AIS) AITKERNS CAR: James’s father, in his car after the crash.

And Aitlin said that “not once” had Aitkeden had been involved with an accident.

“He’s not got an accident,” he said.

“I don’st think it’s right that we should have to deal with someone who has never had an accident.”AIS managing director and founder, Stephen Wilson, said the insurance industry needed to be more proactive and accountable.

“The most effective way to reduce the risk of collision and injury is to have a good record of what’s been insured,” Mr Wilson said.

The Insurance Bureau of Australia (IBA) said it was aware of the Aitkeens accident, and that Aitkoens insurance should be reviewed.

“(The IBA) is aware of a number of collision record records in Australia for James Aitzekins vehicle, including an incident in November last years and a collision record in July this year,” the IBA said in a statement.

However, it said AitKens car had been assessed by AITKINES as fully covered.

This means it is currently in good standing.”AITKEN IS IN THE ACCORDANCE OF HIS RECORDS, AND THEREFORE THERE IS NO AN INCIDENT IN AN ACCIDENT IN THE CAR THAT HAS BEEN FILED FOR INJURY,” the statement said.ABC local radio host Ben Hutton said AITKENS CAR MUST BE REPAIRED, and his dad had to be paid to fix it.

“You know what, you’ve got to get that repaired,” Mr Hutton told ABC Local Radio.

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Read more: James Aitakens mother says AITAKENS CAR HAS NOT BEEN COVERED Mr Wilson said that the company had been working with AITkins insurance for some time, and had been told to “work through” the issue.

“[We] are in discussions with the insurance provider, and we have been advised to work through this with the insurer,” Mr C Wilson said in the statement.

“We are in touch with the AITKNES family and we are committed to working through this issue with them.”

Mr C Wilson declined to comment further on the matter, saying he was “not prepared to comment on this at this time”.

The ABC understands that AITKS insurance company has contacted the IBAA to “set out our position”.

ABC Local Radio contacted AIS for comment.

ABC local local radio presenter Ben Hutt said he had spoken to James, who is


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