Which provinces cover the costs of auto accidents?

The Ontario government says it will cover the cost of auto injuries, but that it can’t guarantee coverage.

The province has said that auto accidents are among the province’s most expensive health care issues, and that Ontario’s health care system is struggling to cope with a record number of auto fatalities.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said in an interview with the Toronto Star on Monday that she’s looking at ways to help families and businesses that can’t pay.

Ontario is now among the 10 provinces with a comprehensive plan to cover auto injuries and medical costs, with the provincial health ministry announcing it would begin paying auto accident insurance to those in need.

The plan covers the full cost of car accidents and is expected to cover up to $500,000 in medical expenses.

Ontario’s auto insurance plan will cover people who have to pay for their own medical expenses, but will not cover the car insurance company’s premium.

The plan is still being evaluated, said Kathleen McQuaig, Ontario’s director of policy and administration.

“I’m confident that Ontario will have a comprehensive health care plan that meets the needs of the province,” she said.

In Toronto, the city’s insurance agency says it is looking into the possibility of establishing a new program for auto accident claims.

But it doesn’t yet have a name or a specific date to begin paying claims.

There are a few ways to pay auto insurance claims, said Anne Gerson, director of public affairs for the Toronto Auto Insurance Agency.

First, you can pay with your bank account or a credit card.

If you’re an existing customer, you might have a plan for auto insurance, Gerson said.

And if you are a new customer, they can pay out of your own pocket.

Second, you have a number of ways to get a check, she said, which you can mail to the insurance company.

If you mail the check directly to the auto insurance company, they will receive it within two business days.

Third, you could make a claim online.

The insurance agency offers a number to call to get the details, but it’s not clear how to make an online claim.

Fourth, you may be able to get money from your employer to cover the full amount of the claim.

The Ontario Employment Insurance Corporation is offering a similar plan for employees who have coverage, Gartman said.

This program would also cover claims for injuries or illness that occurred in the workplace, but is separate from the insurance plan.

Fifth, you also can use a personal injury claim, which will pay the insurance premium and the cost for medical care.

It’s not available to employees who aren’t covered by the insurance policy, so they may not be able get it for free, Gist said.


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