How to avoid a scam on accident insurance: A simple guide

You might have heard about the scam that’s been going around claiming to be a car insurance company, or you might have seen someone getting swindled into paying a large premium for an accident, by a man named Joshua Gavril.

Gavrill says he is a car insurer, but not one of the big three.

Givril claims to be the only car insurance broker in the United States, and is best known for his popular blog, which has been cited as one of this year’s most-read business websites.

In a recent blog post, he explained why he does not provide car insurance coverage.

“It is a scam,” he wrote.

“They don’t want you to pay your deductible, and they will give you a bill without any explanation, or even a payment plan.

You might as well get ripped off. 

“The fact is, these bills don’t exist. “

There are a number of scams going around, but the ones that are the most egregious are the ones where people will send in $1 bills and then the claim agent will claim to have paid the bill,” he told Business Insider.

“The fact is, these bills don’t exist.

I’m not the guy that would send in a $1 bill and say, ‘I’ve paid the $1.’

I have a list of bills.” 

Read Gavil’s full blog post Gavrill told Business Today that he doesn’t receive any money from customers who have sent in these bills.

“People are actually receiving these bills, but it’s all bogus,” he said.

“This is what happens when you have a large company that is a large business, and you have to go through the verification process.

That is the reason I don’t get any money out of people who send me fraudulent invoices.” 

Givril, whose blog was one of Business Insider’s top-10 most read business websites, is also one of two insurance brokers listed on the site Insurance

He says he doesn.

“I don’t think I have to disclose that to anyone,” he says.

“If you are calling, they will say, you have two brokers.

I don, either.”

Gavil, who is a native of Belarus, says it is difficult to prove that he is actually a car accident insurance broker, because he doesn


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