When Uber’s surge pricing went into effect, it didn’t just affect customers in the Bay Area. It’s now hitting UberX drivers in San Francisco

UberX’s surge price went into full effect on Thursday, causing drivers in the San Francisco area to experience a surge in fares.

UberX riders in the region were charged more for their rides on Thursday than they had on Thursday of last week, according to Uber.

Uber says the change is due to a combination of factors.

The Uber surge pricing was implemented to reduce the cost of operating an UberX.

But this was the first time we’ve seen the surge pricing take place on a public transit system.

We’ve seen other cities use surge pricing to charge passengers more for rides that had been booked on public transit.

We also heard about the San Fran surge pricing in the past.

This was not the first case of this kind of surge pricing, but it was the most expensive.

We want to be transparent about what’s happening on our network and make it easy for drivers and riders to understand what’s going on.

We have an ongoing internal review of the pricing.

But our goal is to make it clear to drivers and passengers that we’re committed to making sure our network is affordable for all, and we’re making this change to help drivers get more business.

We can’t control the cost for drivers, and it’s not something we want to have to negotiate with drivers.

We are taking this step because we believe the cost to our riders is too high, and drivers are seeing this price increase.

We’ll continue to work with our drivers to make sure the surge prices don’t affect them.

The San Francisco driver union says that drivers are still not getting a fair deal.

Uber declined to provide a breakdown of the number of drivers impacted by the change, but the union’s statement said that as many as 5,000 drivers are currently using UberX, according the San Jose Mercury News.

The driver’s union said the surge price increase affects drivers who make between $17,000 and $36,000 a year.

Uber has not yet released the exact number of affected drivers, but Lyft and Sidecar, which provide similar ridesharing services in the area, have both reported that UberX fares in the affected areas are significantly higher than usual.

Lyft said it’s been charging drivers more than usual, with the average increase of about 25% for rides between $25 and $50, with drivers earning between $35 and $65 an hour.

Uber said it is working with drivers to find a solution that is fair for everyone, and has pledged to work on it.

Lyft and Uber said that they are committed to ensuring drivers are treated fairly.

Both companies have promised to provide drivers with refunds for the affected riders, which are expected to be a priority.


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