Motorcycle accident liability insurance for allstate and Allstate accident coverage

Allstate and American Motorcyclist have signed a deal that will allow allstate to cover allstate accidents for free for new motorcycles.

In the past, motorcycle insurance companies have offered consumers a limited amount of coverage based on the model of their bike, which can be limited to either fully insured or partially insured.

In the past the insurance companies offered both fully insured and partially insured motorcycles, but that changed recently with the advent of new models such as the Honda CBR1000RR.

The new Allstate motorcycle policy will cover the full range of motorcycles, from the smallest Ducati to the most expensive BMW.

Allstate also offers an unlimited amount of collision insurance for new bikes, but will only cover collision claims if a motorcycle is “at the end of its original warranty.”

“With this new insurance program, we’re making our motorcycles more affordable and making them accessible for our consumers,” said Allstate President and CEO Bill Dickson.

“We’ve never had a product that we have offered that covers every model of motorcycle and we’re happy to be able to offer a comprehensive, affordable motorcycle insurance policy to our customers.”

In an effort to further promote safer riding and better handling of motorcycles on the road, Allstate is offering the following:Allstate motorcycle coverage is only available on new motorcycles, motorcycles that were manufactured before the end 2018 and motorcycles that have not been modified or repaired.

The full coverage benefits include:• Coverage up to $50,000 for damage to your bike or to other vehicles, such as an accident, collision, fire or flood• Coverage for injuries caused by any rider, including broken bones, broken limbs, and other serious injuries• Protection for damage and damage to other properties, such a damage caused by fire or theft• Protection from any claim resulting from a motorcycle collision• Coverage from $1,000 per occurrence for damage, theft or theft-related incidents• Protection against any claim arising from a crash or collision caused by someone else• Protection under the terms of the Motorcycle Insurance Act, the Motorcyclists’ Bill of Rights and the Motor Vehicle Code of California.

The policy also covers any motorcycle accident or collision, regardless of the cause, even if it is not a result of negligence or a willful act of the driver or a passenger, AllState said.

The insurance policy will cost $1 per claim.

Consumers can apply for coverage at any Allstate location, and can enroll in an online application by visiting or calling 1-800-424-8821.

For more information on Allstate, visit


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